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Thread Modes New Canadian Prime Minster Plans to Legalize Marijuana

Last night, Canada voted in Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in a general election – a move that will have outstanding implications for drug policy reform in the country.

The election puts an end to Conservative Party Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s nine-year rule, which was marked by a repressive approach to drugs, including a commitment to rolling out mandatory minimum sentences, pushback to effective supervised injection sites that reduce the harms of drug use, and strong opposition to marijuana reform.… Read the rest

Paul Flynn MP- View on New Legals High Bill

I see any laws created on drugs to be based on none scientific data and only serve to enslave people who decide to use such substances, harm reduction is the last thing on their minds.

At Least Paul flynn has something decent to say :

Taken from :


This House believes the Legal Highs Bill is an evidence-free and prejudice-rich example of legislative futility that will increase the deaths and use of drugs it seeks to reduce; notes that the bill’s sponsors ignore the outcomes of similar laws in Ireland and Poland that have increased drugs use and encouraged migration to cocaine and heroin use; believes that legal highs are uniquely lethal compounds that have never been ingested in the past by humankind and emphasizes that when no obvious legislative remedies are available legislators should resist knee-jerk laws that are gratifying to politicians but damaging to the health and well-being of the nation.Read the rest