1. I found your blog on the other site (nudge nudge wink wink) and love cactus so much too! Can you tell us how to buy and eat cactus now?? I only eat the red pill! Thank!

    1. You can buy the right Cacti from any garden shop, its LEGAL, you just need to know what to look for.
      http://www.erowid.org can help you, but beware, if you eat the cactus the government sees you as a horrible person and they will try to destroy your life for nothing more than exploring nature.

  2. Dutchland is pigfuck country because drug addicts like you! You know drugs make dead brain and dead loins and you can’t deny this fact.

    Please if drugs are good for you – why you on dole??

    1. Oh silly little sheep, I`m a well educated individual with a degree in Pharmacology.
      I have a full time job and I work hard as hard as I can ever be.
      I am a decent human being who would help anyone who needs it.
      Don`t let the media and government control your mind, use the internet and learn and read.
      education your self and free your self, help your fellow man and do the best you can to make the world a better place.

      As for Addiction do you drink, smoke watch TV ?
      Do you guzzle down corporate cola which destroys the body and mind ?
      Think for your self, do not let others influence your mind.
      Read a book.

  3. Yes you say decent now but what when you strung out with monkey biting your back and you must get the dopes?

    You come visit here in Holland once? You come see prossie girls and boys and even pets in red light windows for rentals? Why you think let strange blokes diddle and pork? DOPES! They needs dopes like air or water.

    This is what happen to you also someday my decent friend. Will you bend over for fiver when you need fix? Find God now and stop or you will surely sell body soon like rest.

    1. Evidence please, while its true some people become addicted to psychedelics most of use don’t.
      There is a wide range of things to be addicted too from eating, drinking alcohol to something simple as tv or internet.
      All of which can have a physiological and psychological effect to the person who suffers from this disorder.

      If you look into maps or other scientific papers which have been written by people top of there class in scientific institutions you will see most of the stuff you say is nothing more than regurgitation what the government or media has told you.

      For the truth please visit :


  4. Listen to yourself my boy! I know you’re a good lad but anyone can see when you try to justify all this it is the narcotics talking.

    These chemicals have so warped your young brain that you can’t even tell you are completely out of touch with reality.

    No doubt your morals have been eroded as well. I would wager 50 quid that you have experimented with rectal toys and other forms of onanistic perversion. It comes with using the crazy powders.

    Wake up lad. Go to the Lord in prayer and beg Him to help save you.

    1. I guess this all comes down to religion and the immoral use of prefect harmless psychedelic drugs, I`m an atheist by the way and I only really on science not object or personal opinions. I am so sorry you feel so strongly about inserting object in to people buts but that’s their own choice too as long as people don’t harm others they should have the choice to explore any religion as they choose and take any substance they wish. it is after all freedom of choice.

  5. This individual is accurate.

    2013 Cochrane Meta Analysis conclusively demonstrates psychedelic tryptamine use causes desperate spiral into addiction and sex slavery in majority of users over time. Abusers frequently graduate to other classes of drug and begin to suffer delusions. Once addiction takes hold most become escorts or rent boys to fill dmt pipes and wipe out memory of survival sex sickness.

    Are you sure you are not already doing these things? Are you blacking out yet often??? Many things may be done and not remembered.

    1. Are you serious, what study’s have you read that prove this, Id actually like to read hard scientific data rather than an opinion.
      Psychedelics open the mind and allow people to explore their own spirituality and become better people.
      While its true people with mental problems should avoided these kind of drugs unless supervised by a professional.

  6. As I just stated the 2013 meta analysis by the Cochrane group should lay any doubt you might have to rest. A quick search of Pubmed should give you the abstract even if you do not have journal access. While you are researching this topic you might also carefully examine Rozinski’s work with NIDA which clearly shows correlation between interest in altered states of consciousness and paraphiliac sexual attractions to anthropomorphized sciuridae or similar gnawing rodents.

    You are an educated man. Even a cursory review of the medical literature will demonstrate the accuracy of what I’m saying and indeed support the anecdotal observations of the Dutch poster above. Have you ever been to the Red Light District in Amsterdam? Do you have any idea how much DMT those sex workers smoke?

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