Mescaline and Cacti is not a Crime


So, many moons ago I order nothing more than cacti plant matter in the post from a place far far away, grown by shaman of Peru. I have order bits and bobs now and again for years and years. Mostly before the internet was popular, but things all suddenly came crashing down when I was awoken rudeley by some mean spirited angry law enforcement officers in full riot gear.


At this time I had just awoken from a strange dream of a giant monster chasing me down the streets, I became Lucid and like Neo I held my hands high stopping this beast from attacking me.

Only when I awoke I was surrounded by the POLICE, lots and lots of POLICE.


It was as if I had just murdered my next door neighbor and hid their body in my dustbin, but no, I`m just a hardworking well educated human, who just likes to explores his mind by using shamanic plants.

Its not as if I was hanging around street corners with a can of beer in my hand ready to mug the next old lady so I can get my next fix but the police didn’t care how decent I was or how hardworking I am, all they cared about was the evil that its DRUGS, MONEY and WEAPONS, none of which they actually found.

All they did have was some cacti in the post, which they questioned and questioned me about as if I was Pablo Escobar.


It took 2 YEARS of being on bail, during which time my computer and anything else that was digital was stolen. Luckily for me, I didn’t have anything to suggest I was going to eat the cacti or turn it into a more edible form and the case was eventual dropped, but this was not the end.

It does seem ever so stupid that you can possess a plant or tree and its perfectly legal, but if you eat or process that plant material even by making a tea then YOU ARE A MANUFACTURER OF A CLASS A DRUG.

As if you where Heisenberg working away in undercover in the cold dark desert night making methamphetamine.


This was my first run in with the people who are suppose to protect us, but its not about that really is it?

I guess there is nothing like a bit of freethinking bashing, reminiscent of the Nazis.

They don’t really want to help us but only enslave us, but that’s the evil government for you.

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