Mescaline Extraction Video

Here is a video on how to extract mescaline from everyday cacti, it was originally released as a torrent to share with friends by me ZIM, lord of all humans. As with everything that is uploaded onto the internet the video escaped into the wild and found its way onto YouTube, which after being there for four years, it was finally removed. I can now present you the video in high quality for nostalgia and novelty purposes ONLY.


12 thoughts on “Mescaline Extraction Video”

  1. Thank goodness! I’ve been searching and searching for this “Zim” since my friend showed me a video he’d captured from a live webcam stream a couple of months ago. My friend and I both agree this is one of the hottest videos we’ve ever seen online. It featured a very handsome and young looking man who called himself Zim and he did some amazing things to himself with a toy. He appeared to be very very intoxicated on something or other – and it wouldn’t surprise me if this Zim didn’t even remember going on webcam that night. That’s why I started searching on “Zim” and “drugs” until I just found this site.

    PLEASE tell me you are the same Zim. You were so hot in the video and I would love to see more.

    Thank you so much.

  2. Hi – I was searching for “Zim video” and found your site. Is this the same Zim as those hot videos with the toy?

    My bf thinks those are the hottest solo videos he’s ever seen. They are even hotter cause they are so weird and you (or whoever this Zim was) seemed so high. LOL. I hope it was you.

    Anyway – thank you and keep making hot videos please!

  3. I know you probably won’t print this but that’s some of the dirtiest looking mescaline I’ve ever seen. Why did you put out a video if the product is so impure?

    Also – just wondering – are you the same guy in that video? He called himself the same thing and had that cartoon all over too. If you are you should do more of those videos and less stuff showing amateurish lab techniques.

    Just my opinion – but like I said, you probably won’t print it.

    1. The video was made in 06 in a place outside of time and space, it was only ever useful as a guide.
      A visual representation of what you could achieve, but we all want better.
      The end result was due to too much heat for the evaporation of water and Hcl.

      The whole project was a one handed cam job rush, by a crazy alien, zim.
      I do want people to make their own videos and push the movement forward.
      I can do better, you can do better, help educate people.

  4. Are you SURE you didn’t go on webcam a couple of times? The cute guy in the video called himself Zim, he had all kinds of drug books around him, and he seemed so high he probably doesn’t remember what he did. Even weirder – at one point he put on a hat and sunglasses and said he was Heisen-something and he was going to show us how he synthesizes meth from his bunghole. It was wild and so hot – are you sure you didn’t go on webcam?

  5. Thank you so much. This is good video but your other videos are even better. Can you please make more like the other ones soon?

    Thank you.

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