Refer madness


Sadly this kind of stuff is still believed by many which is a shame, its 2015 and you would of though this silliness would be a thing of the past, not no people still think cannabis the the gate way to evil.

I`m betting though this is mostly religions folks, the same kind of people who thinks “God hates fags”


Refer madness

2 thoughts on “Refer madness”

  1. Hate is not a strong enough word for the loathing with which Our Lord views drug addled self abuse and lustings after the unusual and depraved. Those who ingest these morality erasing chemicals surely will have only themselves to blame when the devil weed turns them into deviants reeking of seminal fluid or far worse still.

    Everyone in our church is discussing your blog and is very upset.

    1. I am only here and I stand by my words to try and educate people with the truth, I may not always be right and I challenge you all not to read my blog and accept it for the truth, but I want you to reflect upon what I have to say and go forth and do your own research. I welcome your opinions and would love you to correct me if I`m wrong with logic reason and scientific data.

      Think for your self and question everything.

      Now Wim, I`m so sorry that you are so lost in misinformation that I would happily travel to your church, to discuss these topics with you and your church goers, though it does all depend on where you live, take care and try to read more and don’t let your self be influenced by others.

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