Petition We demand the British Government Reschedule Cannabis

This is a petition to allow cannabis for medical use, while it doesn’t mention recreational, its a start in the right direction so hopefully one day any law abiding individual will no longer be criminalised for its use medical or recreational.

Petition We demand the British Government Reschedule Cannabis.

Currently Cannabis is in Schedule 1 – meaning that there is no known therapeutic use – Not only is this notion scientifically incorrect, it also puts patients that rely on Cannabis to survive in immediate danger i.e. no regulation/poor quality medicine, criminal activity to acquire medication.

Our demand does not require any change in law.

It is vital that raw Cannabis be recognised as having therapeutic value, and that patients in the UK are allowed immediate access to this medicine. There are tens of thousands of patients living within the UK that do and more could benefit from the therapeutic benefits of Cannabis to survive and to treat their condition(s), whom all are currently risking up to 14 years imprisonment for their medical use.

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